The Amazon Echo is brimming with amazements. Since it was propelled in 2014, the voice-controlled virtual right hand device has gotten steam and transformed into an accommodating home friend.

The speaker and its inherent partner, Alexa, began as an entirely cool approach to play music, get activity or news data, and purchase things from Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) without utilizing your hands. From that point forward, the Echo has discreetly revealed a huge amount of new, here and there eccentric, capacities.

It takes a touch of set-up to make the Echo sparkle. A considerable lot of the coolest errands are made conceivable by mixes with outsider instruments and administrations through applications called “aptitudes.” To begin utilizing an ability, open the Echo portable application and turn it on. The DIY robotization device IFTTT (If this then that) has just about 150 formulas for doing considerably more with outsider contraptions and applications.

Do some light saving money

In the event that your bank is Capital One (COF), you can approach Alexa for current data on your records utilizing the new Capital One aptitude. Turn it on in the Echo application and interface with your checking, investment funds or Visa accounts. Approach Alexa for an adjust, latest exchange, or when your charge card installment is expected. On the off chance that it’s tomorrow, simply ahead and say “Alexa, request that Capital One pay my charge card charge.”

Have Alexa perused you a sleep time story

The Echo can read your Kindle books so anyone can hear in Alexa’s standard voice. It consequently comprehends what books you’ve purchased through Amazon, and where you cleared out off understanding it keep going on your Kindle or cell phone. On the off chance that Alexa’s mechanical monotone is diverting for long tomes, you can take a stab at tuning in to a genuine book recording. When you’re set, keep in mind to tell Alexa “Goodnight.”

Get sorted out with your most loved applications

An undisputed top choice, you can holler updates or add things to your shopping list when they fly into your head. Sadly, the official Echo application is still awkward to utilize. An option is to utilize an IFTTT to consequently import your to-dos and to-purchases to the greatly improved applications. There are formulas to import records to Todoist, Wunderlist, iOS Reminders, Evernote, Google Calendar, and the sky is the limit from there.

Control your brilliant home

You needn’t bother with a brilliant home to discover the Echo helpful, yet it makes the innovation way more agreeable to utilize in the event that you as of now have it. The Echo works with SmartThings and Wink associated home items, and in addition various other keen contraptions like doorbells, indoor regulators, and attachments. In fourteen days, it will at last work with the most prevalent associated home device: the Nest. You can as of now control Nest items through Echo utilizing IFTTT, yet in half a month Amazon is including an official combination so you can state “Alexa, set the indoor regulator to 70 degrees.”

Get fit as a fiddle

The 7-Minute Workout aptitude is really plain as day. Turn it on and request that Alexa manager you around like a fitness coach for, you got it, 7 minutes.

Play a pick your own experience diversion

Say “Alexa, open the enchantment entryway” and start playing an old school experience diversion on a cutting edge contraption. Empower the Magic Door ability in the Echo application and after that utilization your creative energy to explore its universe of little persons and fortunes in far away grounds. On the off chance that that sounds forlorn, attempt Starlanes, a complex multiplayer web based diversion where you can work with others to assume control far off stars for your company.

Buddy, where’s my auto?

Get some information about your auto. This requires the Automatic connector ($100), a little doohickey that guides into your auto and tracks things like your vehicle’s area, motor status, and gas levels. There’s likewise an Echo application for a comparative gadget called the Mojio. On the off chance that you discover your auto however it’s out of gas, request that Alexa arrange you a Uber.


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Get help in the kitchen

There is no enormous name formula application at this time – pick up the pace, Epicurious! – however there are a couple ways the Echo makes an awesome sous gourmet expert. In the first place and above all, it can set clocks. In the event that your hands are trickling in cake player or fish guts (ideally not both), the exact opposite thing you need to do it touch your cell phone to set a clock. The Echo can set numerous clocks and disclose to you how much time is left on every, all sans hands. Turn on CookBook in aptitudes for well ordered cooking directions.

In the wake of a prolonged day working out, completing stuff, and playing amusements, advise Alexa to play some traditional music on Spotify (at last) and ask The Bartender application how to make an Old Fashioned.