The 2009 NBA draft got monitors Stephen Curry (out of Davidson) and James Harden (from Arizona State University). Both confronted a humble measure of desires as main 10 picks, yet no one anticipated that those folks would complete 1-2 in MVP voting six seasons into their vocations.

And keeping in mind that the 2009 class highlighted an accumulation of future All-Stars, scouts didn’t precisely get their work done. The Minnesota Timberwolves, for example, passed on Curry (the 2015 MVP) twice for choosing two lesser point watches—Ricky Rubio (damage inclined, can’t shoot) and Jonny Flynn (undersized, out of the association by 2012 because of a hip harm).


The Memphis Grizzlies rolled the dice by taking towering 7’3″ focus Hasheem Thabeet No. 2 by and large. He’s presently worked in the D-League.

By re-picking the draft in view of profession win offers (with a couple of special cases), PointAfter set out to right those wrongs by demonstrating where Harden, Curry and others ought to have been drafted in 2009.