SEOUL/KUALA LUMPUR – The plot could have come straight out of a spy novel. A man getting a spending flight from Kuala Lumpur to Macau whines to air terminal staff of feeling sick after two ladies wiped fluid all over. He is sent to the airplane terminal’s facility, then raced to a close-by clinic. After two hours the man, only 45, is articulated dead.

The news that Kim Jong Nam, the relative of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, was murdered in this design on Feb. 13 caught the world’s consideration. South Korean and U.S. knowledge sources immediately affirmed the casualty’s character and said they are persuaded the harming was done by the administration in Pyongyang.

Accepting the affirmation is valid, the murder highlights the mercilessness of the maverick state and its pioneer. The blazing inquiry is, the reason did Kim Jong Un want to wipe out his kin now, five years after he acquired power from their dad, Kim Jong Il?



Kim Jong Nam was Kim Jong Il’s eldest child and was once viewed as the probable beneficiary.

Conceived in Pyongyang in 1971 to the pioneer and a performer, Kim Jong Nam spent his childhood in Moscow and furthermore examined in Switzerland. He was keen on PCs and data innovation, and was known as a mild-mannered cosmopolitan with a gratefulness for Western ways.

As per a North Korean man who absconded to South Korea, Kim Jong Nam’s fortunes handed over 2001, when he was found attempting to enter Japan on a fake international ID to visit Tokyo Disneyland. The occurrence enraged his dad and at last removed him from the initiative running.

After Kim Jong Il had a stroke in 2008, he started prepping Kim Jong Un, his third child, to succeed him.

Kim Jong Un was destined to an alternate lady and was additionally taught in Switzerland. He came to control in December 2011, after his dad’s demise. Kim Jong Nam was not in the nation at the time, but rather the new pioneer soon issued a standing request for his death, as per South Korea’s National Intelligence Service.